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GCS to Costpoint Conversion


As you begin to grow, so do your needs. That is why now is the time to consider a conversion from GCS Premier to the Costpoint ERP system.

Companies commonly undergo changes and face new challenges as they grow in size and shift to more complex business structures. Those new challenges arise from the need for: unlimited indirect rate/pool structures, more visibility into project performance, or increased efficiency in processing data related to things like ACRN Billing and WAWF interfacing with the government just to name a few. These types of changes may be an indication that it is time to upgrade to Costpoint 7.

So, where to begin?

When you are considering and conversion from GCS Premier to Costpoint 7, you should follow this process:

  Decide if Upgrading is Your Best Option   Lay Out What You Need   Plan Your Migration

You have many options. Choose the best one.

CRI offers a Free System Review to identify the best path forward based on the systems you already have in place, the structure of your company, and your needs.


Having an effective system that works for you requires a proper foundation.

CRI has 50+ years of combined experience working with system conversions. We can help you decide on the optimal functionality required for your processes and streamline your organization by cutting out any excess.


Having a migration plan will save you time, money, and headaches.

There is a lot to consider when migrating systems. What is your timeline? What is your budget? What is the best method to migrate your data (DMX, Quickstart, Both)? Our experts are well versed in all of these points and more. We can help you decide the best plan for your migration.