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About HCM



A business of any size can appreciate the power of a dynamic Human Capital Management system. Your ability to successfully manage your employees on the front & back end parallels the success of your organization. This is why Deltek continues to invest in their HCM capabilities and provide an effective foundation on which to manage your employees.

To understand the full capabilities of Deltek’s HCM modules we’ll need to separate them into their appropriate categories. The three categories that HCM is broken up into are Costpoint Core People Modules, Costpoint Human Resources with Benefits, and Talent Management.





Keeping up to date information on your employees is crucial for all organizations. Being able to easily use that information as it seamlessly integrates with your day-to-day operations is a luxury you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Costpoint’s Employee Module is used to establish and modify employee data for easy use throughout Costpoint. Once an employee is entered into the system you can effortlessly use that data to manage timesheet processes, tax interfaces, and other independent applications. The Employee Module also allows you to add and maintain basic employee information including contact information, salary history, and tax, deduction, contribution, and benefit elections.



Tracking labor is an important feature for organizations that are project based, service based, or just want to increase visibility into their company. With Costpoint’s Labor Module you can maintain and establish parameters such as timesheet cycles, pay types, general labor categories, union codes, union locals, and workers’ compensation codes. This module allows you to track, update, and manage timesheets to help you provide more flexibility for your employees while still maintaining strict control of your labor data and limits. You will also have the ability to maintain more complicated and regulated labor structures such as those required by labor unions.


Leave is an important part of any firm’s employee package. Having a reliable and beneficial leave structure is one thing you don’t want to underestimate. Costpoint’s Leave Module allows you to easily set up controls for handling leave-related functions, define and set up controls for handling different types of leave, establish control parameters used for leave period-related functions, establish leave codes that represent predetermined schedules for accruing leave types, and automatically generate or reverse leave payout timesheets. Having that kind of handle on your leave format is a huge advantage for both your employees and your organization.


Every organization must manage payroll, it is up to you to decide how easy or hard that will be. With Costpoint’s Payroll Module you can maintain company payroll schedules, deductions, tax tables, workers’ compensation information, employee garnishment and/or tax levy information, bond deduction and purchase information, and employee information all using a single convenient payroll application screen. You have the ability to update, add, or delete employee information and run reports to give you visibility into your company. You are also able to process checks, manage direct deposits, and compute and edit payroll data to stay ahead of the curve.



Compensation Planning


Any well run organization knows how to keep their employees happy and feeling valued. With Costpoint’s Compensation Module you can design employee review forms, perform reverse aging of upcoming reviews, set up email notifications, manage compensation budgeting and forecasting, use automated processes to create new salary records, and provide salary survey processing with automated uploads of survey data. From a single screen you can manage your employee data and ensure the right people are being fairly compensated for their work.


Deferred Compensation

Having visibility of your personnel and putting the appropriate processes in place to manage them is a valuable step all firms should take to ensure smooth operations. With Costpoint’s Personnel module you have the ability to establish a required forms checklist, set up training activities and schedules by employee, create and track service awards, track and maintain employee CEU credits, keep record of employee drug testing information and employee grievances, design employee exit interview forms, include employee photos in data files, and track company property and employee security clearance. Let your employees thrive by keeping track of their needs and structuring your organization to effortlessly support them.


If your organization is set up to offer deferred compensation you want to be sure your back-end numbers are in line. With Costpoint’s Deferred Compensation Module you can identify employees who are members of your plan and their vesting percentages and produce the ADP and ACP discrimination testing reports. You have the ability to carry out “what-if” forecasting to determine funds available in different situations, keep a listing of employees and amounts deducted, and manage vesting tracking and employee loan accounting. When it comes to deferred compensation be sure you are on top of the numbers and ahead of the game.


Employee Self Service

Benefit plans are important not only for attracting potential candidates but for providing stable and effective protection for your employees. Costpoint’s Benefits Module performs three related but distinct functions that do just that. First, employee benefit elections allow employees to opt in or out of your organizations benefit options. Second, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) processing lets you manage employee-spending accounts. Third, medical surveillance lets you track employee medical test/exam information that your company may require. Take care of your employees by taking care of your benefit plan.


Let your employees help you by giving them control over their personal information. With Costpoint’s Employee Self Service Module you can allow your employees to make changes to their account information including address, phone numbers, marital status, dependencies, benefit elections, and more. There is no heavy paperwork required and your Human Resources team is freed from having to make all these small changes themselves. Save everyone some time by making your system more flexible and certain employee information more accessible for change.

Affirmative Action

Providing equal opportunities for everyone is a great way to identify under-utilized resources and promote positive progress in the workplace. With Costpoint’s Affirmative Action Module you can track gender and ethnic affiliation to maintain a table listing the numerical value for the eight factors for determining under-utilization. You can perform under-utilization tests separately for minorities and women as well as add or delete employee information using a single application screen. Reporting capabilities include the EEO-1 report, the VET-100 report, a report displaying termination figures related to EEO codes, and employee-related reports that provide information on new hires, transfers, promotions, and training. Give all your employees the chance to grow and prove their worth in your organization.



Talent Acquisition


Your job is to mine potential talent, choose the best candidates, onboard new employees effectively & efficiently, and decrease the time to revenue. With Deltek’s Talent Acquisition Module you now have all the tools to do that. Set up an attractive careers site, broaden & simplify access to apply, and track your entire acquisition process with ease. By streamlining your recruiting process and enhancing your onboarding process you can identify the best talent and get them up to speed easier than ever.


Talent Development

Valued and incentivized employees are your key to success. With Deltek’s Talent Compensation Module you can effectively motivate your employees, control your budget, and promote fairness, consistency, and transparency. You have the ability to increase your visibility of employee performance and appropriately drive desired behavior to keep your staff happy and your organization thriving. Show your employees what they mean to you with effective, simplified, and fair compensation.


After acquiring the necessary talent it is important to develop them so that they can reach their potential and be an effective and profitable member of your team. Deltek’s Talent Development Module helps track the development of employees, increases employee retention, identifies areas of strength and weakness in employee development, and assists in building development plans that puts everyone on the right track to success. Whether you are looking for the right talent to climb the ranks of your firm, trying to find the best use of your employee’s talents & potential, or trying to increase communication so nothing is overlooked, Deltek’s Talent Development tool will put you on the right path.



The growing demand of knowledge in ever-evolving industries requires organizations to actively invest in their employee’s learning. With Deltek’s Talent Learning Module you can provide a full catalogue of instructor led courses (online or external), create and automatically assign curriculum to new employees, and track employee growth. By giving access to the right instruction, revealing hidden skills, and keeping your firm dynamic and up to date, you can maximize your success and continually promote growth.


Maximizing your employees’ performance is the goal of any organization, but having the right tools to motivate, develop, and inform your employees is not always a given. With Deltek’s Talent Management Performance Module you can align your employees’ goals, track your employees’ progress, and give feedback all along the way. You can improve communication between managers and employees, enhance accountability & visibility, and automate workflows, all while simplifying and streamlining your processes. Your ability to optimize your employees’ performance is what will set you apart from your competition.