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Costpoint Celerity

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Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are in a tricky place when it comes to considering systems to run their back office. On one hand, the complexities of their organization may require something customizable, automated, and compliant. Yet on the other hand, the size of their organization may restrict their budget and timeline, convincing them they should look for something less complicated. Finding that balance has been the struggle of the small to mid-sized business trying to compete in today’s market… Until now.

At CRI we have developed a solution that meets the needs of organizations looking for a balance of power and simplicity - Combining the fastest Costpoint Go Live on the market with a preconfigured environment ready to fulfill your business needs on day 1. Celerity™ isn't a fast-track setup leaving you to fill gaps down the road. It is a time-tested solution that adapts to your requirements and gives you the right tools to succeed straight out of the gate.

Costpoint Celerity™ is a pre-populated Costpoint solution for organizations that benefit from a simplified ERP solutions with the power of an enterprise system. 

Celerity is special because it is a Quick-Start solution without the lack of functionality you usually get from an out-of-box package. Our systems experts have pre-defined and pre-populated the base

Costpoint functions so that your system is ready for master data loading in 48 hours with many firms going live within 3 - 4 weeks. There is not an easier or faster solution on the market that delivers this kind of power and performance to the SMB marketplace.

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Businesses, and small businesses in particular, can find it daunting to adopt a new system with new protocols, new functionality, and a new interface. It is in our nature to be wary of change, but what we forget is that these new systems are put in place for a reason… To simplify our life.


This is why we developed Costpoint Celerity. It was designed to put an end to the myths that Costpoint is too complex, and show the speed at which it could be adopted, the simplicity of its functionality, and the ability for users to utilize only what they need.

A simplified accounting system that organizes your general ledger so that your employees only need to know the project to charge and Celerity applies the necessary background information.

A series of pre-populated indirect projects that are ready to use out-of-box. Simply provide a list of employees allowed to charge each type of project, and we’ll set you up.

There for you when you need it. You can access Costpoint from anywhere at any time, easier than ever before.







Some small to mid-sized organizations may be intimidated by how robust Costpoint seems. Celerity debunks that impression by showing that Costpoint’s power lies in its flexibility. With Celerity, a company can choose to use the bare minimum or the full package at any time with no additional set-up required. Your system can grow with your organization, only utilizing what you need while having the capacity to tackle any task.

Now you can feel confident in your compliance, emboldened by your processing power, and prepared for the future, all without feeling overwhelmed by your system.

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Celerity is preconfigured to calculate pools that most small to mid-sized companies would utilize. The general ledger of accounts, pools, and project distinctions are built into the product and ready to use on day 1. You also have the ability to charge time and expenses from the get-go with a prepopulated version of Deltek Time & Expense.

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As you grow you can enable ACRN tracking and billing as well as iRAPT/WAWF invoice submittal to speed up invoicing. You can easily expand the coverage and functionality of your system to meet your needs and grow with your organization.

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As you add new areas and complexities to your organization you can expand Costpoint’s capabilities to include budgeting and planning on both a project and organizational level, requisitions and purchase orders with a 2 or 3-way match of services/products, and much more!

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The Celerity program delivers a preconfigured suite of products (Costpoint Core, Deltek Time & Expense, and Costpoint Enterprise Reporting) that can be deployed in as little as a few weeks. The speed in which CRI can deliver these tools is unmatched. CRI has taken over 20 years of experience in delivering back office services to the SMB marketplace and prepopulated the Costpoint Core and Deltek Time & Expense software applications so that once the master table data is loaded into the system you can begin using them immediately.

CRI delivers these systems ready to begin master data loading within 48 hours, with many firms ready to ‘Go Live’ within three to four weeks. The Celerity program removes the preconceived notions that Costpoint is too big, too complex, too much work, etc.

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As a Deltek Partner and Systems Expert, CRI provides comprehensive support that ensures your system is covered from end-to-end. Our Deltek Consulting Services serve to enhance your experience and optimize your processes. From review to implementation to training, we pride ourselves in offering complete support that guarantees your team and system are ready to accelerate your digital transformation and maximize your return on investment. Our professional systems and  services are designed to provide customized support for your unique needs ensuring every concern is addressed and every requirement is met.



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A pre-populated Costpoint solution for small to mid-sized organizations looking to grow.

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Fast and smooth Costpoint implementations designed to fit your needs.

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