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Deltek Costpoint

ERP Software for Government Contractors

Deltek Costpoint is a project-based accounting software that covers the entire project lifecycle; managing tasks, vendors, employees, invoicing, and everything in between. As an enterprise ERP solution, it brings all of your projects, people and finances under one roof allowing for better management and scalability as it adapts to the needs of any contractor of any size. The project-based software is web-based and integrates with the systems that make your organization run so you can have more control, transparency, and cohesion at your fingertips.


Costpoint Software gives you full visibility through the project lifecycle, utilizing dashboards and industry-specific reports to provide better insight and control. With real time transparency you can better align resources, monitor costs and invoice more quickly. This allows you to simplify and optimize your project management, allowing you to grow. 


As a solution built for Government Contractors, Deltek Accounting Software allows you to easily comply with DCAA requirements and is a foundation for FAR, CAS, DCMA and ASC compliance if needed. Costpoint GovCon Cloud Moderate also aligns with FedRAMP Moderate and supports ITAR requirements. This is just one way that Deltek systems are built for Government Contracting.


Use your resources more efficiently and gain the control you need to better allocate time and money to maximize your return on investment and streamline your business processes. With its wide variety of tools and modules, it can adapt to the way you do business providing a solution that increases your productivity and profitability.

Benefits of Costpoint

For project-based businesses, particularly those in government contracting, aerospace and defense, and other industries, having a refined solution that handles their unique needs is paramount. Deltek systems were designed to help organizations manage their financial, project, and compliance data in a single integrated platform that is trusted by federal agencies. By increasing visibility and control, businesses have been able to effectively execute business plans and implement growth with confidence and security.

Key features include:

  1. Financial Management: Helps organizations manage their financial processes, including project accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting.

  2. Project Management: Allows for project cost tracking, billing, and revenue recognition, which is important for government contractors and organizations with complex project-based accounting needs.

  3. Resource Management: Provides tools for managing resources, expenses, procurement, and inventory. These features enable better resource allocation and control.

  4. Time and Expense Management: Provides tools for tracking and managing employee time and expense reports, which is crucial for accurate project costing.

  5. Procurement and Inventory Management: Helps manage procurement processes and track inventory levels to save time and money.

  6. Compliance and Reporting: Includes features to ensure compliance with government regulations, such as the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements. It also offers reporting and analytics capabilities to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

  7. Human Resources and Payroll: Some versions include HR and payroll modules to manage employee information and payroll processing.

  8. Data Visibility: The software offers real-time reporting and analytics, providing organizations with greater visibility into their financial and project data. This enables better decision-making and strategic planning.

  9. Scalability: It can accommodate the needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises, growing with your organization as needed.

  10. Customization: Organizations often customize the software to suit their specific needs and industry requirements.

For project-based businesses that need to comply with specific regulatory requirements and need a robust system to manage their finances and projects effectively, Deltek Costpoint is the leading solution on the market.

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Abstract Lines
Abstract Lines
Costpoint Dashboard

Costpoint Modules

Core Modules

Accountant at Work
Accountant at Work

Customize and

tailor your charging

structure and define account numbers, segments, and organizational


General Ledger


Manage and track sales, invoices and receipts while maintaining complete visibility of contacts, rules, statements, and finances

Accounts Receivable


Reconcile bank accounts,

print related reports, evaluate intercompany transfer activity, create "Due To/Due From" journal entries, and create forecasts

Cash Management

Computer Work
Computer Work

Quick and easy setup for

all project types while providing roll-up capabilities with a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

for any project level

Project Setup

Young Businesswoman
Young Businesswoman

Establish A/P structures,

control vendor approval functionality, create and

control vouchers, manage checks and EFTs, and

prepare reports

Accounts Payable

Revewing Graphs
Revewing Graphs

Create and maintain

budgets for each project with structured costs using specific multipliers while allowing easy tracking of project budgets

and revisions

Project Budgeting

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CRI's Systems & Services

As a Deltek Partner and Systems Expert, CRI provides comprehensive support that ensures your system is covered from end-to-end. Our Deltek Consulting Services serve to enhance your experience and optimize your processes. From review to implementation to training, we pride ourselves in offering complete support that guarantees your team and system are ready to accelerate your digital transformation and maximize your return on investment. Our professional systems and  services are designed to provide customized support for your unique needs ensuring every concern is addressed and every requirement is met.



Compliant ERP Software for Government Contractors.

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Pros Bookkeeping

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Data Conversion
& Migration

Seamlessly convert and migrate your business system data into a new system environment.

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Systems Training & Documentation

Training guides, system documentation, and hands on training that aligns with your processes  

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System Implementations

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Software Programmer

3rd Party System Interfaces

Connect disparate applications with your business software to meet your needs and rules


Talent Management

A Deltek HR solution built for Government Contractors.

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Fast and smooth Costpoint implementations designed to fit your needs.

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Systems Review & Recommendation Services

Expert systems recommendations based on your environment and business processes 

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Systems Hosting

Enterprise Class Hosting with secure remote access without the IT investment


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