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CRI is a Select Member of the Deltek Pro Bookkeepers Partner Program

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

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As a small business you know all too well the challenges of managing your back-office accounting activities with limited resources. Trying to reconcile accounting data, stay compliant, and prepare for contract audits on your own can stunt your organization's forward progress. And while upgrading to an ERP solution like Deltek Costpoint is a necessary step in the right direction, it can be hard to capitalize on your investment as fast as you'd like. We see many organizations stuck in this limbo, and unfortunately very few solutions catered to their needs. At CRI we believe in the potential small businesses hold and have spent the last 30 years relieving the burdens of growing organizations so they can focus on doing what they do best. It is because of this that CRI has been selected as a trusted partner for the Deltek Pro Bookkeepers program - A program built to bridge the gap between growing firms and industry-leading solutions.

With Deltek Pro Bookkeepers you can:

  • Unite industry-specific accounting and ERP expertise to leverage the full power of Costpoint, for less than the cost of a full-time employee

  • Reduce the burden on your finance team by eliminating data reentry and improving the accuracy of your financial data

  • Maintain compliance with federal rules and regulations in preparation for governmental audits

  • Start seeing a return on your ERP investment sooner

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Deltek Pros™ allows you to graduate to an industry-leading ERP and top tier accounting support without overstretching your resources. Our commitment at CRI is to provide systems support and accounting solutions that streamline your project lifecycle and allow you to thrive, free from unnecessary complexity and cost. We pride ourselves in our flexibility to support the entire accounting lifecycle as your needs demand, implementing an array of services on a scale that is customized to your requirements.

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Our knowledge, experience, and investment in your needs is what CRI was founded on. We want to provide a partnership that allows you to thrive under any circumstance, and be by your side as you achieve your goals. Learn more about our Deltek Pros™ offering and how our accounting solution can adapt to the way you do business, allowing you to maximize your performance without maximizing your expense.



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