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Deltek Talent Management

It's Time to Invest in the Things that Matter Most

Your people are the key to delivering success to your organization, but in todays market companies are facing ever-growing Talent Management challenges. From lack of qualified candidates and rising employee turnover to succession planning and disparate systems, many organizations lack the tools necessary to handle their most valuable asset.

With Deltek Talent Management you can improve the quality of new hires, increase employee engagement, and maintain compliance, all while maintaining complete visibility into the state of your workforce. And with cloud delivery you get the increased security, privacy and flexibility required in today’s business environment. Deltek Talent Management is the contemporary solution to aligning organizational growth and strategic goals through Talent Acquisition, Talent Performance, Talent Development, Talent Learning and Talent Compensation.

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Talent Acquisition

Your job is to mine potential talent, choose the best candidates, onboard new employees effectively & efficiently, and decrease the time to revenue. With Deltek’s Talent Acquisition Module you now have all the tools to do that. Set up an attractive careers site, broaden & simplify access to apply, and track your entire acquisition process with ease. By streamlining your recruiting process and enhancing your onboarding process you can identify the best talent and get them up to speed easier than ever.

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Talent Development

After acquiring the necessary talent it is important to develop them so that they can reach their potential and be an effective and profitable member of your team. Deltek’s Talent Development Module helps track the development of employees, increases employee retention, identifies areas of strength and weakness in employee development, and assists in building development plans that puts everyone on the right track to success. Whether you are looking for the right talent to climb the ranks of your firm, trying to find the best use of your employee’s talents & potential, or trying to increase communication so nothing is overlooked, Deltek’s Talent Development tool will put you on the right path.

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Talent Compensation

Valued and incentivized employees are your key to success. With Deltek’s Talent Compensation Module you can effectively motivate your employees, control your budget, and promote fairness, consistency, and transparency. You have the ability to increase your visibility of employee performance and appropriately drive desired behavior to keep your staff happy and your organization thriving. Show your employees what they mean to you with effective, simplified, and fair compensation.

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Talent Performance

Maximizing your employees’ performance is the goal of any organization, but having the right tools to motivate, develop, and inform your employees is not always a given. With Deltek’s Talent Management Performance Module you can align your employees’ goals, track your employees’ progress, and give feedback all along the way. You can improve communication between managers and employees, enhance accountability & visibility, and automate workflows, all while simplifying and streamlining your processes. Your ability to optimize your employees’ performance is what will set you apart from your competition.

Employee Learning

Talent Learning

The growing demand of knowledge in ever-evolving industries requires organizations to actively invest in their employee’s learning. With Deltek’s Talent Learning Module you can provide a full catalogue of instructor led courses (online or external), create and automatically assign curriculum to new employees, and track employee growth. By giving access to the right instruction, revealing hidden skills, and keeping your firm dynamic and up to date, you can maximize your success and continually promote growth.


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