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The CRI Advantage

Why should you have to be an expert in government contract accounting, HR, DCAA compliance, financial management (and the list goes on)? Your focus should be on doing what your organization does best, which is why we’re here to handle the rest.

Back Office Solutions

A partnership with CRI provides you with Government Contract services that give you a competitive edge. We understand the challenges businesses face and recognize the importance of providing our clients with the capability to operate at levels greater than they would otherwise be able to achieve. Our flexibility allows us to service any or all of your back office needs, as our offerings are customized and scaled to your organization. With tailored end-to-end support you can focus your time, resources, and attention on growth and performance.

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Systems Management & Development

Parallel to your back office support we provide business systems management and development that enhances and streamlines your operations. Our Systems Group provides unmatched expertise ensuring the systems your organization runs on are set up and optimized to fit your specific needs. 


The best part is you don’t have to pay a dime for licenses, hosting, implementation, or support. Our systems are included as part of our back office package.


Business Meeting

Outsourcing is a strategic business management tool allowing organizations to focus on their core competencies maintaining an edge in increasingly competitive marketplaces. Simply put, outsourcing non-core yet critical business functions enable you to be more effective, more efficient, and to reduce costs which makes good tactical sense as well.


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