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Small Business Familiarity with Corporate-Sized Efficiency

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Back Office Solutions

The CRI Back Office Solutions group provides solutions and support that improve our clients' ability to perform at peak capacity while we focus on those tasks and responsibilities that are not within an organization's sweet spot. Our Solutions include government contract accounting and administration with full lifecycle business management support to ensure your firm is optimized for success.

System Data on a Touch Pad

Systems Management & Development

CRI's Systems Management & Development Group provides end-to-end enterprise solutions to firms that are looking to maximize both front and back office resources. We offer System Implementations, System Reengineering, and Systems Consulting to optimize your business data and amplify your returns.

Executive Meeting

Executive Level Services

CRI’s Executive Services Group offers the experienced leadership needed to maximize your plan for the future. Our solutions include Executive C-Level (CXO) services that integrate with your senior management team and our professionals provide a cost effective solution. Our services range from the shaping of high-level, long-term business strategies to leading complex initiatives.

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Established in 1997, Corporate Results, Inc. (CRI) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified business headquartered in Sterling, VA with locations along the East Coast. From startup companies to mid-sized and well established firms, CRI provides the flexibility that growing Government Contractors need to compete and succeed in today’s markets. The services we offer and the results we produce are the difference our clients need to differentiate themselves in this ever-changing, fiscally constrained, and competitive environment. CRI offers outsourced government contract services in three operational areas that support the successful transformation of our clients and their organizations. Our core operational groups are: Back Office Solutions, Systems Management and Development, and Executive Level Services Development. These three core groups encompass diverse skillsets that have resulted in the development of critical synergies that create a complete package of service. Our proven best practices improve our clients’ accounting processes and ensure real-time, accurate, and compliant information to effectively manage their business.



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"We feel extremely fortunate to have found CRI, and are confident that our outsourcing of these critical business functions gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors, as we are able to focus on what we do well; CRI takes care of the rest. We look forward to maintaining a positive and productive relationship in the future with CRI as our company grows and evolves. Needless to say, we highly recommend CRI."

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