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Linda Piper

Linda Piper

Human Resources Manager

Linda Piper currently serves as the senior Human Resources Manager for Corporate Results, Inc. (CRI), a management services company located in Herndon, VA. In this quasi-management position she is responsible for the oversight and day-to-day administration of an operation that supports five customer organizations that range from four persons to fifty-four. She also manages the obligations that come with maintaining her own remarkably small support staff and the needs of CRI itself; a remarkable feat given her modest beginnings. She grew into this position after joining CRI in 2007 as the junior human resources specialist and proved that she was able to handle greater responsibilities and increased scope as the needs of the corporation shifted around her, shifts that were often dramatic if not seismic. Most recently her growth in capabilities and responsibilities has resulted in her taking on the role of Facility Security Officer for CRI and one of our customer companies. Her contributions to the organization were repeatedly recognized in the form of customer praise and corporation rewards.

Her path to her current position started at Westinghouse in Pittsburgh where she served as an administrative assistant. Life’s needs eventually moved her to the company’s defense facilities in Baltimore where she worked as a technician in the technical resources library of the multi-billion dollar firm; a position that required her to provide direct support to her customer base which, no doubt, serves her well today in serving those desirous of her help now. Upon leaving Westinghouse she traveled around the United States where she broadened her skills base and market exposure to include federal air travel security equipment, railway computer aided dispatching, and video digitization and production. Ultimately, she found her way back to the Washington Metropolitan area and joined a $20M company called CEXEC, a privately held information technology and management services company located in Reston, VA. After joining the company as an administrative assistant she soon displayed her capacity for greater responsibilities and was moved into the human resources department where she quickly picked up the skills necessary to increase the efficiency of the department and make herself a driving force within the organization. Here, too, her willingness to give her all to the organization are repeatedly recognized by the corporation and the praise of her fellow workers. It is this unselfishness that has led her to be such a valued asset wherever she goes.


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