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Deltek Time & Expense 10: Timesheets Tutorial

Updated: May 24

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With frequent requests for Deltek related training and tutorials, we decided to put together an overview guide and training video to walk you through Deltek Time & Expense 10: Timesheets. This guide is designed to help you navigate and make the most of Deltek's powerful time-tracking solution, specifically tailored for project-based businesses and government contractors. Whether you're new to the platform or seeking to optimize your current usage, this Deltek Time & Expense 10: Timesheets Tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions on logging hours, submitting timesheets, customizing fields, and managing and approving timesheets. By mastering Deltek Timesheets, you'll improve your time management processes, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and enhance overall productivity within your organization. Let's dive in and start streamlining your timesheet management today!

Deltek Time & Expense 10: Login

Deltek Time & Expense 10 Login Screen

To log in, navigate to your organization’s T&E URL. Enter your Username, Password, and System. If logging in for the first time, this information should be provided for you and you may be asked to change your password after your initial login. Once you’ve entered the information click the Log In button and you will be taken to the Deltek Time & Expense 10 applications page.

Deltek Time & Expense 10: Navigation

Your initial login will take you to the applications browser where you can select the path to the appropriate application. Once you open and start entering time in a timesheet, you will be taken directly to that timesheet upon login.

Deltek Time & Expense 10 Navigation Screen

Navigation from the application browser is broken down into Domain, Module, Application Group, and Application. To manage your timesheet navigate to Time (Module), Timesheets (Application Group), and Timesheet (Application).

Deltek Time & Expense 10: Timesheet Toolbar

Within the Timesheet application you will see a toolbar at the top of the page. Some of the most common options are –

Deltek Time & Expense 10 Timesheet Toolbar

Save: Saves your data to the database.

Save & Continue: Saves your data without clearing the screen and allows you to continue working on the current record.

Execute: Populates the table window after you enter a series of filtering parameters into a search engine.

Page Setup: Allows you to configure your report display options, choose from portrait and landscape layouts, select margins and paper sizes, select fonts, and select whether to include footers and your company name and logo.

Print Options: Displays the print options dialogue box where you can change your printer options. You can choose your destinations, select specific pages for printing, select number of copies, and more.

Preview Menu:  Displays the preview of the current report.

Deltek Time & Expense 10: Timesheets Video Tutorial

Now that we can log in and know the layout, let’s get into the nitty gritty. The video tutorial below takes you through the processes of selecting charges, entering time, using queries, signing timesheets, approving and managing timesheets, and more.

Additional Training & Information

We hope this helped navigate you through using and understanding timesheets in Deltek Time & Expense 10. If you’d like more information about Deltek Time & Expense please reach out with any questions. We are happy to help users better understand their systems. If you are looking for formal training and documentation, take a look at our Systems Training & Documentation Services for flexible options catered to a variety of needs.

Stay tuned for our next post covering Deltek Time & Expense: Expense Reports



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