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Proposal & Capture Management

Proposal and capture management is an important part of winning contracts with the government. Finding and procuring the right contracts involves research, strategy, and proper execution. Our experts have a proven track record of helping guide contractors through the capture and proposal process. We provide the knowledge and support contractors need to win more.

What is Capture Management?

Capture management involves researching and identifying contract opportunities early in the procurement cycle. This process requires the capture manager to understand the needs and strengths of the contractor, as well as how to position them for the win. At CRI we develop a capture plan using detailed market analysis, competitor assessment, and relationship building with key partners and decision-makers. Our team works with you to implement a winning strategy that aligns with your vision and maximizes your competitive advantages.

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What is Proposal Management?

Once a potential opportunity is identified, proposal management takes center stage. The proposal manager leads in the production and submission of a proposal in response to a government solicitation. This process includes understanding the contract requirements, writing and editing a winning proposal, and ensuring that the proposal meets all technical, financial, and regulatory demands. At CRI we accomplish this by developing a deep grasp of your strengths and needs, and formulating a persuasive case for why your organization is the best fit for the contract.


If you are looking to win more and want a partner with a proven record of success, we are here to be your guide. Don't navigate the complexities of identifying and winning contracts alone. Invest in a proposal and capture management process that helps you win more!

Our Proposal & Capture Management Services Include:

Pipeline Planning

Our services identify potential opportunities for government contracts and develop a pipeline from capture to proposal to win. We analyze the market, establish win strategies, and manage contract progress.

Identifying and Vetting Potential Partners

We assist in finding and vetting partners for your government contracts. This involves thorough research to identify partners with the right capabilities, experience, and a track record of successful collaboration. Vetting includes assessing their financial stability, past performance, and their ability to contribute effectively to the proposed project.

Black Hat Preparation

Black hat preparation refers to a strategic exercise to simulate the perspective of competitors or evaluators. Within this context we anticipate potential weaknesses in a proposal and address them to strengthen the overall submission. This practice helps to mitigate shortcomings in a proposal and give the contractor a more competitive edge.

Proposal Management

We ensure your proposals are designed and written to emphasize your strengths. Our team analyzes contracts and competitors to draw up a strategic approach, develop proposal content, and manage the proposal lifecycle to maximize your success.

Proposal Writing and Editing

Our skilled proposal writers craft compelling narratives that align with your strengths and goals. Through this process we ensure consistency, coherence, and compliance to craft a persuasive proposal that stands out among the competition.

Color Team Reviews

Our color team reviews evaluate your proposal from different team perspectives, each focusing on specific aspects of a proposal. These reviews offer valuable insights into each aspect of the proposal. By identifying weaknesses and ensuring a compliant and polished proposal, you give yourself a greater chance of success.

Opportunity Shaping

We offer a proactive approach to influencing a government procurement in favor of the contractor. We do this by building relationships with key stakeholders, understanding our client's needs, and shaping the requirements to align with the contractor's strengths.

Competitive Analysis

As part of our capture strategy, we provide a thorough evaluation of competitors vying for the same government contracts. We assess their strengths, weaknesses, past performance, and strategic positioning to tailor your proposals in a way that gives you the winning edge.

RFP Evaluation and Analysis

Our RFP consulting team carefully analyzes each section of the 'Request for Proposal' ensuring a clear understanding of the client's expectations. This analysis forms the basis for developing a targeted and responsive proposal. Through this RFP strategic planning workflow, we can align your strengths with the RFP to maximize the competitiveness of your proposal.

Surge Support

We help with the strategic allocation of additional resources or expertise to meet increased workloads during crucial stages of the proposal process. This may involve temporarily bringing in specialists, writers, or subject matter experts to enhance the team's capabilities. In doing this we help to meet deadlines, address unforeseen challenges, and optimize the quality of the submission.

Win Themes and Win Strategies

Our experts develop win themes to articulate the unique value proposition and advantages your firm brings to the project. We then strategically align proposal content with these themes, showcasing strengths, mitigating weaknesses, and presenting a persuasive case that positions you as the ideal choice to secure the government contract.

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The CRI Advantage

Proposal and Capture Management are integral processes for government contractors seeking to secure lucrative contracts. In the highly competitive landscape of government procurement, it is paramount to have the right expertise and support when pursuing contract wins. Our team of professionals know the landscape and are familiar with the strategies and regulations surrounding government contracting. 

We take the time to understand your organization and it's processes to seek out contracts that fit your strengths and needs. Unlike other firms, we don't use a plug-and-play approach with our clients. We customize our plan to fit the contractor, not the other way around.

This customized approach ensures the capture management process positions you for success while only pursuing best-fit contracts that highlight your sweet spot of expertise. This early leg work pays dividends when it comes time to write the proposal. Through our proposal management services we use that front-end research to build a proposal that is poised to be selected. Our deep understanding of your firm allows us to align with the contract requirements and compose an offer that gives you the winning edge.

The CRI advantage lies in the foundation of relationship building and a strategic understanding of the needs of our clients and government agencies. This allows us to see the full picture when building a proposal, focusing on optimizing strengths, mitigating weaknesses, and delivering a competitive bid with the highest chance of success.

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